What’s the value of a Facebook Like?

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the value of a Facebook like or Facebook follower. You
know, some people say to me is there any point to getting a follower on Facebook? My reach is so low, when I post out on Facebook, barely anyone see it, Facebook is dead, I can’t see the point, and I understand that pain.
You know, back in the day with Facebook, there was a lot less people fighting for that valuable space in the users’ news feed where everyone gets to see what posts and what brands are posted, and when you post out from a page, a lot of people will see it, maybe 70-80% of your fans would see that post, but now, much less people actually see your content, and sometimes, 10-20% is considered a good range for a page, and that’s 10-20% of the people that actually like your page.
So you might be wondering, “well, maybe it’s less useful, maybe I should be on another platform”, but I’m here to tell you today that it is extremely useful and it is extremely powerful if you know what you’re doing with it.
So back in the day, you could grow a following organically, that means that just by posting good content, by reaching so many people, by getting some virality with sharing and comments, your page could grow actually quite fast, and there were businesses that grew to like a million followers and built these pretty successful businesses just by growing organically without relying on paid traffic.
But those days are kind of gone, it’s very hard to create viral content that’s good enough, that’s going to grow your page organically, but, the Facebook advertising platform was introduced, and the Facebook advertising platform is extremely powerful if you know what you’re doing and so, why there’s so much value in a like or a follower on Facebook is, it’s a way to communicate with a user today, tomorrow, in a month’s time, in a year’s time, you can build a relationship with that customer, you can provide them value. If they are not ready to buy today, they might buy tomorrow, they might buy in a year’s time, they might recommend it to a friend because you’re constantly providing them value on your feed, and yes, not everyone is seeing it, but a percentage of those people are seeing it.
The other thing is, it’s a lot easier to get a fan or person that has liked your page to create a desired action than it is for someone that’s cold, someone that doesn’t currently like your page. So what that means is let’s say it costs $10 to get someone to convert on our website to a sale, and that’s someone that’s cold, that doesn’t like our page currently, maybe doesn’t even really know about us, but if we got a fan for let’s say 50 cents and I tried to get that fans to convert, it might only be at $5. So we’re only the spending $5.50 for a conversion instead of $10, plus we got them as a fan where we can continue to communicate, and that’s one of the reasons why fans are so valuable.
It’s a kind of step in-between growing from cold straight to the sale, it’s a step in between where we get to engage that audience, we get to create that relationship, and we get to drive cheaper actions because we’ve kind of found this little community of people that like our brand, that want to know about it. There’s all kinds of other intelligent strategies that you can do with your fans and they result in actions being a lot cheaper then targeting a cold audience that doesn’t know about your brand.
So realistically, there is a lot of benefit to a fan, but you just need to know how to use it and you need to understand paid traffic and how that works and how that can really leverage your brand to create some amazing return for your brand.
So I hope you found that information useful for you guys. Hope you enjoyed the video, thanks and I hope you have a great day.

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