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Choosing a digital agency requires trust. With Megaphone Marketing we have worked with hundreds of clients across many industries with some fantastic results. We are excited to show it off so you know what we can do for your business.

Charles Rose Visit Site

Australia’s premier diamond jewellery designers and manufacturers.

The Problem

Charles Rose is a leading Victorian jewellery designer that was looking to expose their beautiful designs and products to wider audience and connect with existing fans. The challenge was to drive the growth of the social channels in a cost effective way while also driving engagement on the page, building emails and ultimately generating more website leads and revenue for the business.

Our Solution

We split tested hundreds of advertisements to drive the cost down of new followers to under $0.20 which lead to explosive growth of the Facebook audience. We restructured the content strategy, doubled down on the best content and also booked in video shoots which drove some fantastic results (some posts reaching over 1 million people). We also ran our signature “viral promotions” which was a smash hit where our first one generated over 17,000 new emails for the database! We also rebuilt the website to a more user friendly design which improved conversion rate significantly.

VCE and Careers Expo Visit Site

The Problem

The Age VCE and Careers Expo approached Megaphone Marketing with the goal of starting and all of their social media assets and leverage these as a way to communicate value to its attendees & sponsors. The objective was to see engagement, an intelligent content strategy, and an increase in the number of attendees.

Our Solution

Megaphone Marketing drove some fantastic results for the VCE and Careers Expo. This included an audience building campaign driving over 11,000 likes to the Facebook page. We generated fantastic engagement with many posts generating 100+ likes & shares. The expo has seen continual growth in the number of attendees and has since expanded their scope with Megaphone adding in Twitter & Instagram.

Natvia Natural Sweetener Visit Site

Natvia is the leading 100% natural sweetener across Australia

The Problem

Natvia is a natural sweetener with a broad message to convey to a wide audience. Natvia appeals to bakers, foodies, the health conscious, diabetics & more, so they needed an intelligent approach to deliver its message through online marketing. They also want a wide very reach, need to find ways to stay relevant and drive product loyalty.

Our Solution

Megaphone Marketing helped grow their social following and database significantly. Facebook grew from 20,000 to well over 100,000, Instagram from 0 to over 20,000 and the database to over 40,000. We implemented a series of advertising strategies and built a “funnel” that takes people that from no knowledge of Natvia to a fan, then an engaged fan & ultimately on the email database to really connect to the brand. We leveraged many new strategies along the way including Canvas Ads, Lead Ads, Influencer outreach, eBook giveaways & more.

Liposuction Australia Visit Site

The Problem

The decision to choose liposuction can be daunting & confusing. Liposuction was looking to start a conversation with potential clients and demystify their procedures on social media channels & adwords. More than this they needed to track the cost effectiveness of each of these channels for lead generation.

Our Solution

Facebook has strict terms and conditions on what you can advertise in the health area so we employed some fast moving, out of the box strategies in growing the inquiry level. On social media 1) We rapidly grew the Facebook audience in key demographics 2) We altered the content plan to show actual results in a before and after format which drove huge engagement. 3) We strategically boosted the top performing posts (with calls to action that encouraged people to book their free consultation on a custom built landing page). 4) We drove consultations directly by advertising to fans with Facebook lead ads with fantastic results from this warm audience. We set up the google analytics to track enquiry results to compare Facebook & Adwords. With Adwords through weeks of narrowing down the keywords, locations & ad copy we produced consistent, valuable & cost effective leads for Liposuction Australia, trackable right through to an in person meeting at the clinic.

Squeak Design Visit Site

Squeak is a Melbourne, boutique, fashion accessories and homewares label.

The Problem

Squeak Design was a growing business that was having some online success through PR marketing efforts but it was inconsistent and time consuming. The goal was to build a community of super fans that were passionate about the brand and educate a new audience about the company while growing digital assets and online revenue.

Our Solution

Initially we started just focusing on Facebook advertising, building a great following and then engaging the audience to drive website traffic. The audience growth was explosive growing from 850 fans to over 20,000. The engagement on key posts was also fantastic with some posts generating over 100,000 impressions, 1k+ shares & 1k+ likes. After the success of the initial social strategy Squeak upgraded to a wider range of services which included building the email list (by over 3,000 so far and counting), driving direct sales with carousel ads, retargeting & canvas ads and also growing the Instagram account which now sits at over 6k followers.

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