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Lead Generation 3 ~50% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
Performance 106% increase in click-through rate via search
Results Improvement in consistency of sales
Social Advertising $30 earned for every $1 ad spend
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A trusted Melbourne-based dealer of Volkswagen and Audi aftermarket parts, VW Central came to Megaphone in mid-2021 hoping to level-up their sales and rekindle their faith in marketing agencies following underwhelming tactics from previous partnerships.

VW Central was in search of holistic growth, which they identified could only be created with a strategic partner who could execute on two fronts — first, to understand local consumer habits; and second, to maximise and optimise budgets.

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Before Megaphone could begin implementing positive change, the first step was to determine what was working and, more importantly, what was not.

Following a thorough analysis of VW Central’s historical sales data, a recurring point of concern came to light: consistency of sales. Best-selling products would fly off the shelves, leaving gaps in the sales pipeline while awaiting restocking — purchases varied up to 80% month-on-month, hindering growth prospects.

Off the bat, Megaphone pounced on this lagging issue by implementing robust and smart Google search and shopping campaigns that focused solely on pushing IN-STOCK best sellers — no longer would prospective customers be disappointed at checkout.

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Once that box was ticked, it was time to increase the bottom-line metrics. Looking at the website, strategic CRO methods in the form of upsells, callouts, and ‘recommended’ products improved the Average Order Value. Meanwhile, a thorough revamp of existing Google Shopping campaigns saw irrelevant traffic reduced through negative keyword implementation and click-through rates double thanks to the Megaphone Vortex creative testing system — all in all, the updates ensured that not a cent of the budget was being wasted.

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A month before joining forces with Megaphone, VW Central was paying $54.52 for each new customer, and losing more than 90% of online prospects before they got to the cart.

Once the Megaphone Vortex was in full swing, all systems lit up green. The cost per new customer was sliced in half ($26.55), the return on ad spend jumped to 30x, and the click-through rate of shopping ads skyrocketed 106%.

Because of this success, VW Central has been able to expand its warehouse and ensure that shelves remain stocked, bringing in consistent sales. And, thanks to the continued growth, an exciting interstate — and, thereafter, international — expansion is on the horizon.