Don’t waste your ad dollars… ?

Want to smarten up your marketing spend?

When you advertise the ad goes live and then it’s gone…

And you get charged for that placement. Sometimes it’s per click, or impression or length of time that ad is there. But after you have been charged it’s gone.

Imagine if you could actually keep some of that audience you advertised too, how powerful that would be?

That’s what we call a “marketing asset” or a “digital asset”. It’s when the efforts you put in have value now and forever afterwards!

Whilst a billboard or radio can be fantastic for short term growth (or sometimes its a flop) if you focus your ads on building these assets you will have marketing efforts that produce results today, tomorrow, next year and forever onwards.

Watch this video to learn how “marketing assets” can significantly smarten up your marketing efforts and help you build a big business!

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