New Feature: Instagram Stories Adverts

Instagram Stories Adverts are now available for all businesses worldwide. While stories have been on Instagram for nearly a year now, this new feature was trialled by a select group of companies early in the year, and only rolled out globally in March.

Instagram stories are user-friendly and accessible to all businesses, not just those with infinite advertising budgets. Managed through Facebook Adverts Manager, you can create ads by uploading an image or video, targeting a specific audience and setting a budget that suits you. The measurement tools also function as they do for other Facebook and Instagram ads.

Like other stories, ads can be single images or videos of up to 15 seconds. They are embedded between stories of people users interact with on Instagram, which allows you to increase awareness or sales without it seeming like a blatant advertisement.

So what can it do for your business?

Over 150 million Instagram users worldwide use Instagram stories. With capabilities to target and measure reach, the possibilities of this new feature are exciting and extensive.

Stories give personal and exclusive access, and create a full-screen, immersive opportunity to impress upon potential customers. However, while regular Instagram stories for your business might tease behind-the-scenes action or show a live experience, ads need to make an impression to gain value.


The objective of your ad should be simple and focused, such as increasing brand awareness or creating a specific call to action. A call to action button is also optional, and can link to your online shop, mailing list sign-up or another website.

Distinct branding within the image or video is also vital, so that your audience can tell where the message is coming from. Keep the message simple; if you try to get too much across in 15 seconds (or less!), you’ll struggle to generate interest.

So how can you get started?

This new feature is in its early stages and is still unfamiliar to many businesses, so it’s the perfect time to start implementing stories into your marketing strategy. Contact your marketing professional to discuss how to use Instagram stories ads to strengthen your business plan.

Danielle Rutten
Megaphone Marketing

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