Adwords Ads (PPC or Google Ads) can be extremely effective for instant results.

PPC is great at getting your business found when people are looking for it. Faster than search engine optimisation, scalable, trackable & controllable down to the small details. PPC often is a key revenue driver for many businesses.

See some of the reasons why Megaphone Marketing is a great choice to run your PPC:

  • Analysis - Our software allows us analyze competition & keywords which enables us to find most valuable keywords to target.
  • Tracking - We are able to set up tracking to find out what keywords are performing to conversions and which aren't. This allows us to "negative" out the keywords & ads that don't perform to avoid wasting money.
  • Results - We consistently have outperformed other agencies. Our typical client generates 200-1,000% return on investment with Adwords.
  • Google Partner - Our Google partner status allows us to go to industry training and events to give us the edge.

Why We’re Different?

Other agencies will often build Adwords campaign, and then forget about them. That means while initial results are promising, they don’t get any better and will start to decline in return over time. Some agencies even outsource the entire process, meaning you don’t get great results right off the bat, and getting someone real to explain things to you becomes nearly impossible.

Our dedicated team of account managers mean you always have someone real to talk to, and we’ll always work with you to make sure you’re always getting the best possible results.

Our Process

We first look at how your current advertisements (if you're running any), and then your competition. We identify all opportunities, as well as the potential cost of a campaign. We work out which networks and methods would be the most efficient, whether it be through Google's partner networks, display advertising, retargeting & remarketing, or a combination of all of them. We also look at your sales funnel from a holistic point-of-view, from finding the right keywords to target, all the way to your landing page to ensure your ads have the best chance of success.

We're completely transparent with all the costs and opportunities; we'll never encourage costly methods that won't generate a good return.
We create ads and campaigns based on our research. We work out the the best keywords, ad wording, placements and images, and structure your campaign in the most efficient way possible. We speak your customer's language, and utilise every feature and method available to make sure your ad stands out from everyone else's.
We then constantly monitor your campaign to ensure your results always improve. We make sure your ad is only being clicked on by the highest converting visitors, and that your money isn't being wasted on irrelevant clicks. We A/B test images, wording, placements, and landing pages to ensure your campaigns are generating the best possible returns all the time.
Just as your ads are constantly running, we're constantly working. We go back and try to identify any more possible opportunities, test different campaigns, and continue to further optimise.

Request a free opportunity analysis for your market.

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