The Power of Live

The array of online tools for social media marketing is ever-increasing, and businesses have more opportunities to improve their social presence than ever. These tools are also constantly improving their capabilities and becoming more comprehensive, saving businesses time and money. Currently, many applications offer the ability to create content, schedule posts and gather insights for a range of social platforms.

As I mentioned, these applications can save businesses time and money, and improve their overall social media performance. However, it is also important to be cautious of relying exclusively on scheduled posts. While it may seem appealing to schedule content for several weeks or months in a single day and then forget about it, you’re missing opportunities and risking potential errors if you don’t stay on top of your content.

Firstly, it’s really important to keep in mind your scheduled posts and check them to ensure they remain relevant and purposeful. Don’t post and forget; this can be detrimental to your business if you end up posting something that is no longer appropriate, and believe me, this happens! Sometimes a major global disaster or event will occur, and your light-hearted Facebook post may come across as insensitive or apathetic. Sometimes the user you’ve tagged may change their Instagram username so the link to their account won’t work, and it will look like you’ve made the mistake.

Another major factor is the increasing salience of ephemeral content on social media. Stories on Instagram, Snapchat and to a lesser extent, Facebook, are an extremely effective tool to engage followers in a more intimate and exclusive way. Live videos on Facebook are a fantastic way to increase the reach of exclusive events. It’s really important to utilise these tools to ensure you have fresh content that stands out in today’s feeds which are saturated with content. Update your followers with images, videos or reports about your own events, or respond to external events and current discussions.

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Scheduling tools for social media can be extremely beneficial for your business, but stay aware and stay live. Use a combination of regular and live posts to achieve prime engagement while maintaining productivity. Megaphone now offers promotion through Instagram stories, enabling our clients to be active even when busy schedules don’t permit.

As always in marketing, the best way to manage this is with a clear and comprehensive management plan.

Danielle Rutten

Megaphone Marketing

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